The production of any show is a journey. From concept to script to shoot and on into the edit, there are multiple steps to take and numerous decisions along the way that shape the final show. Part of my role at Insight TV is ensuring we make the right ones – a daunting task at times that requires clear communication and often instinctual creative decisions. Though they’re not always easy to make, there is a north star to follow when the road branches off in two directions: what seems the most truthful to our contributors, and the show itself?

We’re asking our talent to open themselves up to our viewers around the world, and so establishing a common ground on both sides of the camera is vital in fostering the comfort and camaraderie that translates directly to the screen.

That shared passion or excitement helps to breach the wall of insecurity that on-screen talent can often feel and, behind the camera, we become alive to moments that may seem insignificant at first glance. They are indicators of character and evidence of a community spirit; a family dynamic; a personal idiosyncrasy; a moment of magic. In short, they are proof of life lived.

Take our new show as a prime example! Premiering on October 7, Epic Exploring will kick off the adventure, with famed YouTubers and urban explorers Josh & Cody. Together with their friends, they will be searching for the most astonishing abandoned locations on the planet. We take viewers across nineteen different cities; from an eerie Vietnamese theme park to an actual Game of Thrones location in the middle of a desert, we’re discovering the places and stories that time forgot.

Josh & Cody in Epic Exploring [Newbe TV]

When I look at our upcoming shows, I’m filled with excitement for the worlds we’re bringing to Insight TV viewers, but I’m also taken back to moments in my own life that resonate with the lives of the contributors on screen.

Throughout the production of Modern Day Gladiators, a gaming series which delves into the lives of top esports stars, I’ve been transported back to the days when my eyes were glued to the screen and bottles of energy drink lined the shelves of my room. I might have tackled a few games on Legendary mode in my life (just sayin’), but I’m a Neanderthal hitting the console with a stick compared to the epilepsy-inducing, button-mashing wizardry that these gamers have.

INTZ’s Shini in Modern Day Gladiators [VICE Studios]

It’s an exciting world to have explored alongside the talented folks at Vice Studios, and though the prize pot might be huge for these gamers, it’s the passion of the community that makes this the most exciting entertainment industry on the planet. From Brazilian cosplayers to South Korean gaming academies – Modern Day Gladiators features an exciting lineup of individuals who’re blazing a trail at the forefront of esports. FaZe Clan, INTZ, Gen.G, Pain Gaming, Spiral Cats & San Francisco Shock – they’re all in lobby, the countdown has begun and you’re invited.

Though my esports career only took me as far as the corner shop for more sugar-coated sustenance, I allowed myself to daydream in a different arena: music. That’s why I’m excited to take viewers inside the lives of creatives who dream in double-platinum by hitting The Streets with Velocity Content for some musical inspiration.

In the end, my music was less Bon Iver and more ‘bon voyage’, but this series buzzes and hums with the true-to-life atmosphere of the DIY music scene. From spitting bars in recording booths to reveling in the feedback, this collection of short biopics delves into the lives of musicians who might just be one hit away from superstardom.

With the first series championing musicians and performers from across the USA, this is a series with the potential to expand into every aspect local culture. How do we define ourselves? What do we dream of? What do we value in our lives, our professions or our communities? In short, what’s happening out there on The Streets?

Looking further into the future, we’re excited to welcome Hollywood superstar Dan Fogler to the Insight TV family in Story of Masters. The star of Fantastic Beasts and The Walking Dead is on a journey to the heart of martial arts, travelling throughout the USA, Japan, China and South Korea in search of the teachers who’ve carried ancient lessons into the modern age. Whether you’re looking to unlock the secrets of inner strength or just a lover of Bruce Lee movies, Dan’s journey covers every chapter of this centuries-old story.

Dan Fogler in Story of Masters [CJ ENM]

Though the world of martial arts is alien to me (I once broke my finger trying to karate chop a balloon…), it’s been amazing to work with individuals like Dan. His passion and his interest in martial arts has been the wind in our sails, and his respect for the masters he meets on his journey is palpable. Supported by a wonderful team from CJ ENM and directed by the late and great Matt Gould, Story of Masters is a must-watch series for anyone looking to get a little more qi in their lives.

It’s an exciting road ahead for Insight TV viewers, and it’s been wonderful to work with such a range of talented and passionate individuals – both on screen and behind the camera. The journey continues onwards to new shows and new worlds, but as long as we take the people, the communities and the individuals at the heart of our shows as our guiding light, it’ll be an adventure to remember.

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Alex Rowe

Alex Rowe

Alex is a Development Producer at Insight TV, responsible for helping our production partners realise their vision and perfect the stories they bring to our viewers.