We are delighted to announce that on July 1st, we will be launching our new Insight TV video service. With this change, you will get a much better adventure, whether it’s a new device we will be in, more features, better content aggregation and better UI&UX.

One of the best devices we always wanted to be on, is the Apple TV, and for the 1st time, you will be able to watch us on your Apple TV, on a dedicated app! Browse our extensive library, search the shows that you like, save your own list of shows or episodes, and last but not least – subscribe to us directly from the app. Our full extensive library won’t be ready on July 1st but you can expect to see it all during July. 

Our apps will also be revamped on:

Amazon Fire TV

iPhone and iPad

Android phone and tablets

Android TV


And a brand new website!

So what kind of new features can you expect?

First and foremost – Offline Watching – Our new mobile apps allow you to download and watch on the go, so you can use your home WIFI to download the movies and episodes you like and watch them without using your mobile data package. 4K support is not fully supported at this point, but we are working very hard to bring it to all our devices.  

In-App purchases – no more going to the website in order to subscribe, just a few clicks and you will be able to watch all of our library. Easy and fast. Of course, once you subscribe, you can login and watch us across all your devices. In app purchases aren’t currently supported by Amazon Fire TV but stay tuned. We will have updates for you as soon as we know.  

Push Notifications – we will notify you when new movies and episodes come out, and when live events will be broadcasted live so you won’t miss a thing, and don’t forget to allow it after you upgrade to the new app.

Curious how the new apps will help you get to the content you love?

The new apps will allow us to give you much easier access to our extensive library, so each of our fans can experience their own adventure, whether you enjoy our main topics of Life Style, Entertainment or Actions sports, or you are into more specific topics such as MTB, surfing or looking for a location specific content (Amsterdam, London and others), you will find it on our new apps. They only support English for now, but rest assured, we are working hard to bring multiple languages to you. 

Additionally, Samsung Tizen will return soon, so follow us on social media for all the latest updates. LG webOS will not be supported any more after the 1st of July. 

You can expect new categories showing up quite often and we will do our best so your adventure will continue.

And there is much more:



Light/Dark Theme

HD downloads

Autoplay next video

Background audio playback

Picture in Picture

So, don’t forget to update your app July 1st and to come to our website www.insight.tv !

Itay Pollak

Itay Pollak

Itay is one of our Technical Project Managers at Insight TV. He is responsible for our own digital platform along with managing the launch of other VOD and linear OTT projects with our 3rd party affiliates.