At Insight TV we are ecstatic about working with amazing and fun talent from all different kinds of subcultures. This, along with many other reasons, is what makes it so unbelievably exciting to work in the production department – we’re always working with new people and new subjects, so you need to remain sharp in order to think about new options and opportunities.

The talent we work with are at the center of their respective subcultures – talents like Supercar Blondie (Alex Hirschi), who shares her passion for supercars with a massive fanbase of over 3 million followers on Instagram and a further 1 million on YouTube; Edward van Gils, better known as the “Godfather of Street Football”, who travels around the world teaching communities the value of the beautiful game; and YouTube Stars Josh and Cody who are famous for their vlogs about exploring abandoned locations (better known as urban exploring). 

Josh and Cody are amongst the newest talents to join Insight TV. They both have their own YouTube channels where they share videos of their globetrotting adventures, and it’s truly amazing to see them in action. Josh has more than 3,5 million followers and Cody has more than 370 K followers. Having amassed a huge following in their community, when the opportunity for a collaborative show came up, we jumped at the chance to venture into the world of urban exploring.

We’re currently creating three shows with the pair – with NewBe TV producing quality shows – that will resonate with Insight TV audiences across the globe.

Each episode takes us to the most beautiful abandoned locations, with Josh and Cody teaming up with a co-host who is familiar with the local urban exploring community, and in-the-know about the area’s unknown destinations.

The first show features the biggest and most epic urban exploring adventures on Josh and Cody’s joint bucket list; the second show is about smaller, local adventures; and the third investigates the paranormal as we head out in the darkness of night to visit abandoned locations that hold a spooky history. Starting this October, it’s all coming to Insight TV.

One of the main benefits of working in the production department at Insight TV, is that we’ve already previewed almost all of the pictures and footage from the three shows – and I’d like to give you two little Insights on them as well, because they look amazing!

Six Flags- New Orleans

In the US, Cody Goes to New Orleans where he visits Six flags, which has been abandoned since Hurricane Katrina. Whilst exploring, he climbs into old rollercoasters and sees wild alligators that now reside in the park because everything is overgrown and abandoned.

Patarei prison – Tallinn

In Estonia, Josh visits the abandoned Patarei prison in Tallinn. He meets local people who share rumors and stories about what happened at the site, before Josh heads off to explore. The place holds a particularly spooky history… 

And this is just a really tiny glimpse into the locations we’re exploring – there are a lot more destinations and adventures to come in the final series!To sum it up: there’s always something to explore in the production department of Insight TV.

Lotte Eppink

Lotte Eppink

Lotte is a production coordinator at Insight TV. She produces shows for Insight TV, while also coordinating productions for companies we work with.