8K: It was all anyone talked about at CES Las Vegas. But, do I think it’s the future, or is it all a big marketing tool? For now, I’d say it is a marketing tool from the big manufacturers, and here’s why …

Firstly, what is 8K? It comes down to the resolution of the screen. Simply put, the more pixels we can see, the better quality the image is, and with 8K there are a LOT of pixels. Indeed, 8K specs are 7680X4320 pixels, which is a whopping four times more than 4K/UHD specs at 2840X2160

During our meetings at CES, it became quickly apparent that there is little to no 8K content available as yet. Many players admitted that they had struggled to acquire demo content for their new 8K screens at the show, but they want to be ahead of the curve so had to market their products there. And hey, who can blame them?

At Insight TV, we recently shot our first 8K production: Endurance: 24 Hours at Spa, and in time we will create more, but for now, we need to focus on the job at hand: making our vivid 4K UHD content readily available to viewers at home.

Our top tip; let’s establish 4K in the mainstream before moving to the next big thing!

So, to the job in hand, how are we going about pushing 4K UHD content into the mainstream?  Insight TV partners with the biggest consumer electronics companies such as Samsung, LG and TCL to provide our content through our Smart-TV application. Our channel is also now available on Amazon Channels, with many more partnerships to come. You can also find Insight TV on many linear distributors around the world, and of course online at insight.tv.

What else stood out at this year’s CES Las Vegas? The Wall from Samsung and the Roll-able screens from LG come to mind. I also particularly liked Amazon’s voice responsive Alexa (among other robots there!) But the stand out for me were the electronic cars. I’d have liked to drive back to Amsterdam in a next generation Tesla – I’m sure I’d be the envy of my colleagues.

Who knows what is to come at CES Las Vegas 2020 – viewable 8K screens in self driving cars with robots behind the wheel, but one thing I’m certain of: at Insight TV we will still be doing what we do best – creating the best adventurous content in vivid 4K UHD with real people featured in front of and behind the cameras and making 4K the norm.

Natalie Boot

Natalie Boot

Natalie oversees the media sales team. Natalie previously served as Director of Digital at Insight TV and has been with the company since 2014 and the launch of the business. The new media sales department offer brands fully integrated partnerships, with bespoke solutions and the flexibility to pick and choose genres and formats.