Insight TV (UHD & HD) tells aspirational stories featuring global influencers challenging the status quo.

Get your speed fix from Car Crews with SuperCar Blondie, get into the music in City Beats or
support team blue in the 
reality game format THRU!

Discover a unique perspective on science, technology and everything in between with InWonder.

From topics that span the secrets of the brain, mysteries of ancient civilisations and
engineering feats, this is the channel 
that explores the wonders of our world.

Action and excitement meet on InTrouble which offers thrilling experiences right on your screen.

Whether it’s big-wave surfing in Hawaii, drifting in South Africa, cricket in Malaysia or
wing-suit flying in France, it features on InTrouble.

Starring some of the most-famous athletes in their field!

Nature and wildlife content remains some of the most-watched and bingeable content on television.

InWild brings new life to this highly desirable genre.

Featuring the most exhilarating, beautiful, inspiring, amusing and
emotional content from Off The Fence and other partners.

Insight TV started crafting short-form content in 2019 to cater to Gen-Z viewers and Millennials
who are watching their favourite shows on mobile devices.

Our Short-form content is created to focus on 1, 3 or 6 minute experiences.