Travel with a Goat featured in UK’s Guardian’s “Monday Best TV” column and The Telegraph called it “a grime-caked travelogue confronting the ethics of eating meat”. Columnist Ed Power from The Telegraph went on to say in his review of our new show, “Behind the surface-level wackiness lies a serious purpose as high-profile foodies are asked to interrogate their attitudes towards eating meat by spending quality time with an adorable hoofed animal.” And that’s the crux of the show.

When creating Travel with a Goat we had no intention of pushing people to eat less meat or trying to guilt trip them to feel bad about food choices; we simply wanted to spark a conversation that encourages people to think about where the meat that ends up on their plate has come from and the journey the animal took to get to that point.

Before the first show aired, YouGov conducted a nationwide poll of 2,000 Brits who had watched the trailer for Travel with a Goat. The poll revealed that 87 per cent of the country believe it’s acceptable for humans to eat meat. However, one in six (16 per cent) of meat-eating Brits vowed to reduce or cut meat from their diet after seeing the trailer. And, despite 73 per cent of Brits classifying themselves as meat eaters, over a quarter (26 per cent) admit they never, or rarely, think about where meat comes from when shopping for food, and 34 per cent state intensive factory farming is “morally wrong”.

All the animals that were used in the making of the show were destined for the slaughter house. In the first episode, broadcast on both Insight TV UHD and HD and, Great British Bake Off winner Sophie Faldo and Spanish influencer Senior Cheeto, meet for the first time in a Kenyan village. There they discover that they will have to travel over three days with a goat raised with the herd, to the slaughter house. How did they get on? Did they struggle with the process? And what did they decide to do? Find out here.

On this Monday’s show (28th January) British chef Dean Edwards and Indian actress and socialite Divya Agarwal are surprised to be introduced to their steed, a sheep. Will they make the same choice as Sophie and Senior Cheeto? What will they base their final decision on? And how difficult is it to trek hundreds of kilometres with a sheep in tow?

Throughout the show, which has two episodes left to air, it’s clear to see that the welfare of every animal is key. Each pair of foodies was incredibly respectful of their charge and they all said that the final decision was extremely hard. They also said that the show would make them think twice about where their meat has come from and how the animal was treated prior to slaughter.

If you haven’t yet checked out our brilliant new series Travel with a Goat then get online and watch it now! The show, which dropped on 14th January, has sparked debates in offices and bars around the world with one simple question: “freedom or feast, what would you do?”

Freedom or feast: what would you do?

Arun Maljaars

Arun Maljaars

Arun is responsible for all Insight TV channels, the content that goes on them and the direction of original content. Arun joined Insight TV in Amsterdam, Netherlands when the company started in 2015. Arun is an experienced media professional and has held positions in renowned companies All3Media and Zodiak-Banijay.