Over the past decade television has changed almost beyond recognition. The growth of VOD, SVOD, AVOD, TVOD services – the list goes on – and of course the continuation of linear TV means that broadcasters have had to change their business models or, at the risk of sounding dramatic, face possible extinction.

As a modern content creator, we believe that it’s incredibly important to be at the forefront of technology from both a content creation and distribution viewpoint. We’ve seen the rise of HD and we’ve fully embraced 4K-UHD from the outset and now HDR. As an industry, 8K is now waiting in the wings too.

In terms of distribution, it’s of course the rise of the internet that continues to change the way content is viewed, as we all know, accompanied by the ongoing growth in video viewing across social media.

How do we reach across all these routes to market and satisfy? With linear TV it’s relatively straightforward: there’s a mature market with satellite, cable, DTT and telco platforms with subscriber bases who understand the value proposition that’s offered to them by those operators. We of course work within that environment, partnering with operators to help them promote our shows, and we continue to enjoy growing distribution reach. Linear TV is still very powerful.

With digital there is a significant shift. Though not one of us has a crystal ball, what we do know is that streaming is where many consumers are moving their subscriptions and their money and their interests. Working with partners, our SVOD and AVOD services deliver opportunities that meet global consumer demand.

Part of this digital push is integrated app technology on Smart TVs, which has been a driver for UHD HDR content. At Insight TV, we have partnered with consumer electronics companies such as Samsung and LG Electronics to providesimple-to-navigate app-based technology. We’ve also recently launched a sophisticated Windows Store Application built on the latest 8thgeneration Intel® Core™ processors, which allows users to stream Insight TV content on all Universal Windows Platform (UWP) devices. As a broadcaster, it’s critical to build in these flexible digital routes to market.

We know that Smart TV technology is a critical element of the digital distribution chain, but we also know from data provided by subscribers to our online services that the majority (around 75 per cent) of people watching our content are doing so on a mobile or tablet. When targeting a millennial audience it’s really important that we supply our services in a relevant way via an SVOD, AVOD or transactional service.

Your channel is out there, but how do you then entice viewers to trust and value your brand? With all the competition, the importance of your brand only grows. It provides a set of values that a viewer inherently understands and as a viewer you are either drawn to this or not. We produce all of our own content working with global social influencers and highly respected production companies to create authentic programming experiences in the highest quality. Our content is our greatest strength and people associate our brand with the values, excitement and the interest that our programming generate with our viewers.

Rian Bester

Rian Bester

Rian has a wealth of experience in the broadcast technology industry. His solid engineering background, combined with his extensive experience In broadcast technology and security makes Rian the perfect CEO to give Insight TV the advantage as the first linear full Ultra HD channel.