Creating television shows in 4K: that is 4x the resolution that we are used to watching.

Working with the newest cameras, we not only film in ultra-high resolution, but also in High Dynamic Range (a greater dynamic range of luminosity than is possible with the standard techniques), which means we capture some of the coolest locations around the world with truly stunning image quality – a dream for thousands of film makers and production companies…

And certainly, a dream for me.

I am part of the production team at Insight TV, and we work with all kinds of production companies. We are regularly presented with the most beautiful ideas and together with the production companies we mould the formats into worthy Insight TV productions.

The production companies can be large or small, experienced or relatively new to the industry, and are based all over the world – factors that make my work fun but also challenging. Whether they’re American, English, French, Dutch and even Korean production companies, they all share one goal: to tell beautiful, authentic stories in spectacular surroundings.

However, I have to say, producing for Insight TV is not always easy!

We are a global TV channel, and alongside a number of linear channels in multiple territories, we also provide our viewers with both SVOD and AVOD platforms. Because of this, we expect high end productions that adhere to a list of technical specifications whilst telling compelling stories that appeal to our target group. No small feat!

To promote our shows in today’s social media age, it is also vital that we create specific content for a number of social platforms and the marketing campaigns that pair alongside show launches. This is not something producers are used to, but we aim for the best.

Thanks to the many production companies we work with, we are capable of creating the most awesome content. There are shows we’ve produced by working with street artists all over the world in Street Art Challenge (Strix); by following surf gods as they try to tame the highest waves in the world in Chasing Monsters: El Nino (The Go Big Project); by sending urban explorers around the world to discover stunning, forgotten locations (Newbe); and don’t forget our game show THRU (Round Table Media) where the candidates follow a straight line from A to B whilst overcoming all kinds of obstacles.

Travel with a Goat (Tuvalu Media) in particular is a show that has caused quite a lot of commotion this year. The premise is straightforward: two foodies have to travel with an animal that is destined for the slaughterhouse before deciding whether they’ll allow it to be killed, or to intervene and prevent its death. A simple concept, but the show highlights the huge potential Insight TV and its production partners have in taking topics that are relevant to a millennial audience and creating bold, brave content that can provoke conversation and transcend the screen to actively engage with our viewers.

We also have the opportunity to expand our horizons by working with talents such as Rico Verhoeven & Arie Luyendyk Jr. (Fast and Famous), Dan Fogler (Story of Masters), Rubens Barrichello (Endurance: 24 Hours at Spa), Franco Morbidelli (Morbidelli Rising) and many more who inject their personality and charisma into our shows.
Indeed, when it comes to talent and great locations, one of the most memorable moments of my time thus far at Insight TV was getting a call from our channel team, as I was riding my bike to work, and being asked to fly to Dublin that same afternoon to shoot one of the world’s most renowned MMA fighters in a secret location where he was preparing for a major fight. We had to put together the team, the story and get on a plane all within a few hours. It’s all go at Insight TV and I love it!

Whether it’s the teams at production companies we work alongside, or the crews behind the cameras on locations around the world; Insight TV not only aims to take our viewers on an adventure, but also everyone else who works on or engages with our amazing content!

Debbie Leisink

Debbie Leisink

Debbie has over 10 years experience in producing all kinds of television shows as an executive producer in the Netherlands.

At Insight TV, Debbie is mainly responsible for the pre-production aspect, moulding the formats, budget and legal process.