Insight TV is one of the youngest and fastest growing content companies operating worldwide.  Operating out of Amsterdam in The Netherlands since late 2014, Insight TV produces, distributes and delivers high quality programming to a variety of customers and platforms across our linear and digital routes to market. 

Core to Insight TV’s success is its continued investment in high quality content for millennial viewers, leveraging social influencers to drive awareness and viewing.  Insight TV’s customer commitment is to work with best producers worldwide to create compelling, storytelling content that takes you on an adventure. 

Insight TV’s early adoption of UHD (Ultra High Definition) standards has also created a unique opportunity for growth.  By exploiting this advantage we have built up a headstart and expertise as a market leader and we have recently introduced High Dynamic Range (HDR) to reinforce this leadership role.  Language localisation has resulted in nine different options for viewers across three continents so far. 

Our ownership of content has enabled a scalable market approach by territory or route to market.  We operate across linear and digital across a range of devices and product offerings. 

These advantages and focused approach has delivered remarkable growth over the past two years.  As Insight grows we are building increasing awareness and value in our brand and the services we operate.  In 2019 we expect further and steady growth across Asia, Europe and North America from both our platform and digital operations.