As Office Manager at Insight TV, it is my job to ensure that the office environment is conducive to working productively, effectively and most importantly, happily. Having previously worked as cabin crew, I imagine the Insight TV office as an Airbus A380 full of passengers, who have to get to their destination relaxed and satisfied.

The care of a group of up to 40 hard working and ambitious professionals, is no easy short haul flight. However, with my professional demeanour, affable nature and hospitality know-how, I take pride in creating an environment in which all teams can excel. As I did with all flights, I ensure we are properly catered and hydrated. Therefore, weekly orders from the local supermarket are one of my top priorities for the week.

In the morning, I make sure that our cupboards have enough coffee – for take off – and healthy snacks throughout the day, to ensure that we have enough fuel. After all, you can’t get anywhere if you’re running out of fuel, and we have a very important destination to reach: Insight TV’s worldwide presence!

Sometimes, when the flight gets rocky, as the head of First Aid, it’s my job to guarantee everyone remains safe and comfortable. Safety is always my number one priority, so I make sure that myself and my fellow Insight TV passengers are properly trained in case of a medical emergency. Naturally, I make sure that there is plenty of advil and paracetamol, to help those hedonistic passengers get through their day after a heavy night! 😉 

Like a plane full of passengers, Insight TV features a very international environment. People travelled from far and wide to add their special culture to the mix … and it is that mix which makes Insight TV such an exciting place to work! For me that means having an open office culture, where no matter what the cultural background, everyone can be comfortable, be themselves, and mutually respect one another. Here at Insight TV we go that step further, and make sure that all of our office passengers are completely appreciated. No milestone is ever missed; be that a birthday or a newborn baby, all are celebrated with fine wine and delicious snacks.

The service of course, is always offered with a smile! A little bit of kindness, and a beautiful smile can go an awful long way to brightening someone’s day. Now, let’s not forget that we also like to party, whether it’s Kingsday, Pride Festival or just a standard Friday night. On the specially designated days, I decorate the office to match the theme of the festivities and arrange some sumptuous foods. During Kingsday everything was orange, from the cups to the food. All of this works towards creating a happy and productive workplace!

It is also my job to ensure that we get to our destination in the most efficient and sustainable way possible. Therefore, I’m proud to have introduced a plastic recycling system at the office. The plastic is collected in a specially allocated bin which is emptied weekly by the Gemeente Amsterdam.

All of us share a responsibility to help keep the earth a healthy planet. Insight TV is doing its part and I hope it inspires other companies to do the same. Unfortunately, separating plastic and recycling is not a legal requirement just yet for companies, but Insight TV has taken a step towards a sustainable future, and as we do with all of our shows, we hope to inspire people and companies to follow our lead.

Once we’ve arrived at our destination – Insight TV’s worldwide presence – and my Insight TV passengers have happily and safely disembarked, I ensure that everything is stowed away, ready for another day of exciting adventures at Insight TV!

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Chief Benard

Chief Benard

Chief Benard is the office manager at Insight.TV, responsible for keeping the office running and keeping all employees as happy and satisfied as possible.