At Insight TV, we have a number of exciting TV shows and series collaborations with production companies around the world including: Monster Energy (Born To, Morbidelli Rising, Dangers of DarkFest, Road to Gymkhana GRiD); CJ ENM (The Story of Masters); Tuvalu Media (Travel with a Goat); Zoomin Studios (Droners); KIEM (Power &…Martial Arts); and many more. In working closely with such talented partners, we produce highly creative and unique shows that our growing global community has come to expect.

As well as maximising these successful  partnerships, we also produce a number of TV shows in-house. This process fosters our creativity whilst pushing our technical boundaries using our own kit to shoot in formats up to 8K. It also reduces costs and means we can plan the entire production process from acquisition to delivery. Our documentary Endurance: 24 Hours at Spa, released this March as part of our Speed Seekers season, took viewers behind the visor and into the lives of the drivers competing to win one of motorsport’s toughest races: the ‘Total 24 Hours of Spa’ in Belgium. Produced in-house, the show was shot in 8K and 4K and features incredible behind-the-scenes personal stories of world class amateur and professional drivers – including F1 legend Rubens Barrichello – from six leading teams who fiercely battle to last 24 hours at this notorious circuit. 

We’ve also recently produced a new pilot episode, which we’re really excited about, with a documentary planned for later in the year. This show features Jndia Erbacher, a female drag-race pilot sponsored by Monster Energy. Jndia’s story is a perfect fit for Insight. She’s one of the fastest, female drag-race pilots in Europe – possibly the fastest, and has ambitions to become the fastest in the world. To achieve her dream she must get sponsorship to go to America and compete with US pilots. Originally from the Swiss city of Basel, Jndia has a family workshop that houses both her and her father’s race cars. Her father, Urs Erbacher, is a 6-time European drag racing champion. Racing against each other, they are billed as one of Europe’s first father verses daughter Top Fuel competitors.  We’ll continue to follow Jndia’s story and look forward to announcing the commission of this latest documentary in the coming months.

Our years of combined production experience in-house and our strong partnerships with global producers, brands and distributors uniquely place us to tell compelling behind-the-scenes stories of global influencers, giving our viewers access to their everyday lives and discovering the sheer grit, drive and commitment that it takes to reach the very top of their game. Of course, all shot in beautiful locations around the world in the highest quality.

Frank le Mair

Frank le Mair

Frank has over 20 years’ experience in factual, drama, infotainment and gameshows and has worked for a number of major production companies in the Netherlands. At Insight TV, Frank leads the production team to develop industry-leading creative concepts. Key shows he has produced include Travel with a Goat, THRU, MTB Heroes and many more.