The first time I attended MIP back in 2014, I felt like I had arrived at what I can only describe as a corporate Disneyland. The brands, producers and content creators whose shows I’ve either binged or skipped for the better part of my existence, all in one place trying to impress one other. Arriving somewhat out of it at MIPCOM this year after not having attended for a couple of editions, I was happy to see that not much had changed. What was different, however, was what company I was representing and how I would make sure Insight TV would get the attention it deserved. I’ll leave the final verdict up to all of the 3.000 visitors, but I’m confident we managed to make quite a splash.

As we launched a variety of fantastic shows this year, from Streetkings in Jail to Epic Exploring, it was difficult to choose which series we’d focus our marketing activities on during MIPCOM. Should we give people a unique urban exploration tour in a makeshift abandoned building on the Croisette? Have a group of the most talented street football players show off their skills to people waiting in line to enter the Palais? After careful consideration, we went for something completely different. Focusing on Modern Day Gladiators, Insight TV’s brand-new show set to air on November 13th and showcasing the diverse and ever-growing world of e-sports, our marketing efforts were every MIP virgin’s wet dream. Two of Europe’s best cosplayers made their way to Cannes in outfits that turned everyone’s heads. In full Insight TV branding – from flags to tattoos! – they not only shared the Modern Day Gladiators story with all of the attendees, but also gave people the feeling they were actually part of the e-sporting world. Goofy and Minnie Mouse, move over – these cosplayers represent this corporate Disneyland! 

In addition to promoting our latest show, we also had some great news to share while we were at MIPCOM. From expanding our presence in the UK (read all about it here) to the announcement of Insight TV US Studios (more on that here, here, here, here… and oh, here!), this MIPCOM was filled with good news. And that’s not all. We set up interviews with all of the major trade publications (C21, Worldscreen, Real Screen, and more), organized a special dinner for our clients and partners, and were even on the back of every. single. MIPCOM badge.

These efforts, of course, wouldn’t be of any use without our killer line-up of original shows and a fantastic commercial team that’s realizing all of our amazing partnerships and deals. And I’m glad to say that there’s much more in the pipeline that we’ll be able to announce soon. Now that MIPCOM is over, I’m going to take a week to recover before I think about the next event we’ll attend…

Charlotte van Bochove

Charlotte van Bochove

Charlotte van Bochove is the PR and Communications Manager at Insight TV, responsible for further developing Insight TV’s communications strategy and promotion of the brand globally.