The Programming Team are here to showcase Insight TVs beautiful 4K UHD HDR content during our live broadcast.

With an experienced and international team of 6 nationalities we have an edge in predicting and understanding the expectations of our global customer base. Our linear feeds are currently available in 25 countries (and counting), so we try to bring in the best practice in high end international television broadcast.

This can sometimes make it difficult to align our programming strategies, for example some of our licensing agreements come with territorial restrictions, but fortunately we own and produce most of our content and with some creative flair we always find a way.

As a team with a firm passion in being the best we take live programming very seriously. Being a perfectionist is a necessity because every second of every broadcast schedule is accounted for down to the last frame. We spend countless hours tweaking the timings and placement our programmes, trailers and short form content to enhance the viewing experience; be it how we plan our promotions to inform our viewers about programming highlights or to time the placement of onscreen graphics to help viewers navigate the programming schedule. It is not always easy, but we try to push the boundaries of what is technically possible and remain innovative, but we also dare to be different. We introduced the embedding of social media handles into our on screen graphics but decided to pull them as we realised it detracted from our stunning 4K content. Instead we found more traditional ways of engaging our social media communities through our Marketing and Creative teams.

We rely heavily on the relationship with our playout provider to deliver and monitor our feeds to ensure seamless transmission and from our base we can keep an eye on the channels so we can see the viewers experience and decide if any tweaks can improve the overall presentation. We have contingency plans in place for technical faults using backup playlists and content and being available on call 24-hours a day 365 days a year.

Our team also oversees the translations of our programming into 7 languages working with leading industry partners to deliver localization to the expectations of each region. Our suppliers draw on local knowledge when preparing translations and we adopt the standard of each market be it subtitling in the Netherlands and Korea to dubbing in Russia and Spain. Due to the rapid expansion of Insight TV we are always preparing for further international launches, requiring new languages and working with our vendors on the latest technological developments to help streamline the workflows.

In short, we never send out playlists unless we are completely satisfied. We care about creating brilliant moments in broadcast and take the responsibility of exceeding our worldwide audiences’ expectations seriously.

Gregory David & Rachel Domacassee

Gregory David & Rachel Domacassee

Gregory David - Programming Coordinator with 8 years of experience in broadcast media.

Rachel Domacassee - Channel Coordinator with 6 years of experience in broadcast media.