If there is one department at Insight TV that could have its own show, it would be the creative department. It’s dynamic, fun and no day is the same! We’re still looking for the right name for this show, so if you have any suggestions please let us know, but for now let’s call it “Life behind the creative”.

Anyway, let’s get back to it. In this introduction we will go deeper into the mind of a creative, to give you a better view of how the process works. Of course, this isn’t going to be an essay, who has the time for that? So instead I’ve selected the most interesting scenes in the process, just like we do for a promo. Buckle up because I’m here to take you on an adventure!

TITLE CARD: In the mind of a creative.


It is 9:30pm and SAMIR is at the coffee machine preparing a cappuccino. He looks obsessed with the final drops of coffee that are falling into his cup. He doesn’t talk to everyone, his colleagues at the coffee corner think he is behaving oddly. It’s like he is trapped in a different universe and only gets out when he wants to drink his cappuccino. 80 percent of the time he ignores others but what they don’t know is that he is in the middle of a creative brainstorm, where thousands of ideas are floating through his mind. He is connecting the dots to find the perfect idea, angle and concept for the up-and-coming campaign for Insight TV.


Now that you know what goes on in the universe of a creative, it’s time to see what it takes to come up with a good working concept, realize that concept and turn it into a product that’s appealing to others. The main objectives of the campaign is to drive program awareness, be bold and it needs to stand out.


Fast forward. Armed with examples and my vision with objectives I stepped into the creative mood boarding session to discuss the concept. After a creative and very useful hour with the creative department, marketing team and channel heads, we came up with the name Speed Seekers and the tagline that explains the objective of that season – Life behind the visor. While in the meeting discussing the concept, an idea pops into my mind – this is where the creative storm comes into play.



Surprisingly Samir doesn’t have a cappuccino in his hand, this time he is armed with a pile of paper and confidence. He is ready to present.


At the end of the meeting he has absorbed all the provided information. He has collected the concepts and is reviewing the final campaign name and the tagline written on the white board “Speed Seekers, Life behind the Visor”.

Then another idea strikes like lightning. All the pieces are now falling into place. The storm is over. This idea fits perfectly into the theme. An idea that was floating around in his head for days now makes sense. He immediately starts drawing. It all flows onto the paper and right there is the birth of a teaser for Speed Seekers.


Thinking out loud: “This creative storm doesn’t destroy but it builds”.



This is just one bit of the creative adventure we have that goes on in our department. As a creative, I am tasked on a daily basis with coming up with new concepts and ideas for our upcoming shows. And of course, just like any creative person, sometimes it’s hard to come up with good ideas . But it’s at times like this, that a quote by Seth Godin always comes to mind:

“We like to create things that matter for people who care” – Seth Godin.

And that is 100 percent true. Because working at Insight TV allows me to create content that matters to trending communities around the world. Because at Insight TV we focus on telling vivid stories that take viewers on amazing adventures throughout the globe. And because of that, my work here truly matters to me.

So with all of this in mind, watch the Speed Seekers teaser below with a different view. Now that you understand what went through the head of a creative, maybe you too will see why being a creative is not just about coming up with creative ideas…It’s about creating content that matters.

Samir Bouabid

Samir Bouabid

I like to be creative and create content. Most of my work has been showcased across the world by major broadcasters, such as FOX, Disney Channel, National Geographic and currently on Insight TV