With every generation comes a new working culture. Our current work environment is being shaped anew once again by the millennials. Alongside this change, the way in which we work must evolve too, namely in what we as employers offer our employees; specifically, millennial employees.

We live in an era where staying in a company for a lifetime, or even a long period of time, is a thing of the past. What factors contribute to this can be varied and unique to each individual and needs to be factored into the talent management strategy within a company. The reality is that employees have a huge choice of companies to work for and are often approached by these companies. We need to stay ahead of the game to ensure we keep our millennial talent.

Here are some of the things that Insight TV applies to its working culture to retain its millennial talent …

Management is key. All our employees have direct access to both senior and experienced people at all levels of the business. We have no barriers and strive to ensure the working environment does not feel hierarchical. We invite all employees to share their ideas and aim for an environment where everyone feels free to express their thoughts.

An international environment is attractive. At Insight TV, we pride ourselves on having a very multicultural environment. In our Amsterdam office, we have employees from 22 nationalities representing the organisation! Working with people from different countries not only broadens our cultural perspective, but also inspires creativity and drives innovation within the company. We also operate in numerous countries across the globe which means access to different ways of thinking and enables a global mindset.

Trust and flexibility are our next two commandments for retaining millennial talent. Our employees are trusted to be flexible in their approach to work and making the most of their time here. Having flexibility throughout the working week is essential for not only maintaining a good work-life balance, but also ensuring that we support a healthy mindset among our talent.

And finally, if a company wants to retain millennial talent it should be innovative. At Insight TV we encourage all our employees to think innovatively. This is key given our 4K UHD market-leader position and to ensure we stay creative. What’s more, given we are an agile scale-up, we listen to these innovative ideas and implement where possible; this is often not possible in larger businesses.

Something I identified as soon as I joined Insight TV is a strong sense of collaboration amongst all team members and an all-embracing environment. It is a great place to work with truly amazing people and talent within the business – what more can you ask for when you work in the world of HR? Of course, as a start-up / scale-up, we still have many good initiatives to implement, which is exciting in itself – it gives me a lot of good things to do!

So, in summary, companies should strive to: create a work place environment in which you invest in people; promote a flexible approach to work; push creativity, innovation, hard work and fun; champion work-life balance and understand the teams, the individuals and their needs.
I believe this will set you well on your way to building a strong millennial employment culture where individuals want to explore and develop their talents.

For millennials wanting to have a say in how we do things, to be creative, to be a part of driving a business forward and being seen, this is a place to work and I encourage you all to apply:

Lorraine Candlish

Lorraine Candlish

Lorraine is currently HR Manager at Insight TV. She believes that the media space is where she belongs from both a cultural perspective and a creative learning perspective that can be carried over in to the role of HR.