It is one of the weirdest, if not the weirdest thing I have ever seen: people driving the same route around the same racetrack for 24 hours. I got to see this with my own eyes last summer given Insight TV produced a series around the spectacular Total 24 hours of Spa.

If you are new to this – as I was, it’s a pretty simple concept: each team of drivers shares a car which they have to keep driving for 24 hours. The same lap, over and over again. The team with the most laps at the end, wins.

Race fanatics will probably laugh at my lack of knowledge, but that is exactly what we try to achieve with our programming at Insight TV: to create stories that are interesting to people that belong to a certain community (i.e. the race community), but also aim to attract a whole new audience who don’t know anything about this event.

At the end of the day, all of our stories are about people. It’s not about who wins the race, but about the things that drive these racers to participate: what is their personal story? Who would choose to voluntarily drive the same lap over and over again? At 200 kilometers an hour? During the night? For three hours in a row? To me it would be torture, to them it’s passion.

Whilst the drivers were doing their laps, the Insight TV team was busy with our passion: creating awesome content with a great group of people, making impossible things possible within the given timeframe and budget. The passion that led the racers take on such a difficult challenge was the same as the passion that brought us to Spa last summer with a crew of 30 people from five different countries to shoot this 24-hour race.

No production can be called standard or normal, but we had some exceptional challenges. For instance: covering the 24-hour race; focusing on selected race teams without knowing the final outcome and keeping the story line straight. Just like the drivers, we worked in shifts – over those 24 hours we had eight camera crews, two specialist crews shooting time lapses and super slow-mo shots and on-board cameras filming from within the cars. Add to that Insight TV’s UHD, HDR, 50-frames-per-second standard.

Oh, and I almost forgot, it was 33 degrees Celsius. No easy feat!

Did we manage to capture the incredible stories of the people on and next to the racetrack? Present them in a way that interests both race fanatics and newbies? You’ll have to find out for yourselves – go and check out the end result: Endurance: 24 hours at Spa and En Route to Endurance – at

Laura Hornikx

Laura Hornikx

Laura joined Insight TV as a production manager when the company started in 2015. She has held production positions at a number of major production companies in the Netherlands over the last 13 years. Key shows she has worked on at Insight TV include Travel with a Goat, Power &.. and Secrets of the Brain.