Beach, waves, surprisingly great weather, and an exclusive screening of Taming Jaws – the ultimate ingredients for an Insight TV party. Let’s just say that if Gatsby were a chill surfer dude, he would have totally approved of our event. So here’s what happened…

The Ultimate Surfing Movie: Taming Jaws

To celebrate Insight TV Summer Film Fest in July, we decided to host an exclusive screening of one of our most thrilling surfing movies – Taming Jaws. The film follows Brad Domke on his mission to skimboard at Jaws – a wave break on the north shore of Maui that is known for some of the fiercest wipeouts in big wave surfing. The movie is a visually stunning insight into a big-wave surfer’s life, fears, joys and inspirations. To make things even better, with a little bit of support from our amazing partner LG, we were able to get the biggest screen I’ve seen in a while! Top that all off with the glory of a 4K movie that accentuates all of Hawaii’s beauty, and you have one hell of a viewer experience. Oh, and let’s not forget the popcorn!

The Ultimate Venue for Taming Jaws

…or as we like to call it “surfer’s paradise”. That’s right! We infiltrated the hottest surfers club in the Netherlands in order to become one with the Dutch surfing community. The event took place at Hart Beach surf club in Scheveningen, an amazing beach side bar which also doubles as a surfing school. On a hot summer day it is the place to be! Aside from the benefit of sipping coconut juice straight from an actual coconut, you also have the added advantage of being amongst Holland’s most dedicated surfing community. And with a movie like Taming Jaws, this is exactly where we wanted to be!

The Ultimate Attendees for Insight TV’s Exclusive Screening Event

So let’s see. We are at the beach, hosting an event at a surf club and screening Taming Jaws. Then who better to invite than The Hague’s most prominent surfing community members and influencers. That’s right! We wanted to host this exclusive screening of Taming Jaws for those who would appreciate and connect with the movie the most – the surfers. Some of the biggest names representing the community were Ruben Lenten, Pascal Van der Mast, Ronald De Leeuw, Julia van Rooij and Roy Van Eijk. We also offered exclusive access to some of Hart Beach’s most passionate surf enthusiast, giving them the amazing opportunity to mingle with the hottest surfing influencers.

The Ultimate Insight TV Afterparty

Just like with all great events, we also held a Taming Jaws afterparty. In typical Dutch style, we had a wide variety of alcohol and popular local finger food – we are talking about bitterballen, kaassoufflé, bamischijf and a whole lot of other party bites that are emblematic for The Netherlands. Sprinkle a little bit of good beach atmosphere, beautiful sunset and a DJ playing the hottest all-time summer hits and we’ve got ourselves one amazing private party which lasted until midnight.

It’s safe to say that Insight TV’s first ever exclusive screening event was a success, despite a few minor hiccups (but what is an event without a little bit of stress). We absolutely loved hosting an event for those who would appreciate our content the most and in return we received amazing insight into their own surfing lives and life philosophy – just go with the flow and improvise until you get it right. Because life is not a strategically planned out adventure; the best things always come to you while riding the big waves. Hopefully in the future we’ll see more of these swanky movie nights in collaboration with our partners and like-minded influencers, but until then just remember to hang loose 🤙

Veronika Licheva

Veronika Licheva

Veronika is the Social Media and PR assistant for the Marketing team at Insight TV. She is in charge of community management, and assists in content creation, PR, digital marketing, and social media.