It has always been a dream of mine to work within media and television. That is the reason I spent a lot of time looking for an internship that could provide me with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in this industry after graduating. So, when I came across the Social Media and PR internship at Insight TV, I jumped at the chance.

Within the first few weeks of working at Insight TV, it became very clear that the internship would be like no other internship I’d previously done, and here is the reason why …

Firstly, the internship is intense. From day one, I have been attending meetings, creating content, writing social posts, planning launches and helping out with everything in-between. It’s safe to say, this is the busiest and most full-on internship I’ve ever done.

Secondly, I am not treated like “just the intern”. Not only has my work been valued by the business, but my opinion is asked for frequently. I fall into Insight TV’s target audience, which means I am invited to meetings and brain storming sessions to discuss the content aimed at millennials. I am constantly being asked for my thoughts and they are taken into consideration. This has also given me the opportunity to learn about the marketing strategies used in media to ensure your target audience remains captivated.

The team here also strive to ensure I get the most out of my internship. On day 1, I was given a learning plan that has been strictly followed throughout my time so far. In addition, I am consistently asked whether there is something else I’d like to learn, or whether there are any other areas I find interesting that can be implemented into my learning plan. The team is one hundred percent invested in providing me with a great work experience so that at the end of my time I’ll be ready for the next step in my professional career.

Finally let’s not forget that everyone at Insight TV is absolutely amazing. The people are welcoming, positive and strive to create a good working environment. I’ve been able to interact with people from other departments, and they are happy to sit down and talk me through what they do and how their role contributes to the well-oiled machine that Insight TV is.

Don’t get me wrong, there have been challenges: it’s been fast paced, I’ve had to get up to speed quickly and there have been a few long days, but overall, I’ve loved every minute.

As if I wasn’t positive enough about the experience, I’ll share one critical nugget of information with you – we have dogs here. That’s right! Just like many other Dutch companies, Insight TV allows its employees to bring their dogs to work. Believe me when I say that there is nothing better than having a dog to pet at the office, especially if you’re feeling stressed out.
Interning at Insight TV has not only taught me a lot about marketing, television, and media, but it has also given me the knowledge that at the end of my internship I will be a skilled professional. Insight TV is here to take you on an adventure, and I have absolutely loved the ride so far.

Veronika Licheva

Veronika Licheva

Veronika is the Social Media and PR assistant for the Marketing team at Insight TV. She is in charge of community management, and assists in content creation, PR, digital marketing, and social media.