Look at you! You are young, talented and fully qualified to ignore your parents at dinner by filling in Buzzfeed’s Which Melancholy Vegetable Matches Your Personality Quiz while debating the life-changing results in four different group chats. You love procrastinating by creating lit Spotify playlists that nobody will ever listen, or binge-watching Netflix for free using your ex’s account whilst spamming people you haven’t talked to in months with outdated Snapchat filters. Congratulations, you are a proud member of Generation Z!

But is this really who you are, or is that the perception of companies who target you? In reality, you are a soon-to-be graduate looking to break into the entertainment industry and finally shatter these stereotypes. You live and breathe everything media-related, knowing that the time has finally come to prove your talent and produce something made by your generation, for your generation. And, hey, if along the way you end up making a bunch of stuck-up millennials feel old, why not take pleasure in doing so? If all that’s the case, your creative audacity might just be the valuable asset Insight TV is looking for.

My internship took me on a journey with the Creative Department, where I witnessed first-hand how the real magic happens. Without sacrificing any fluffy animals at full-moon, a highly skilled team of producers use their deep understanding of media trends to conceptualize impactful campaigns and deliver awe-inspiring 4K content that resonates with audiences around the world. Collaborating alongside influencers to showcase globally trending topics is Insight TV’s forte, so landing an internship with them was a career-defining moment! I’d been given the opportunity to learn through a hands-on approach, not in the area of coffee making or printer management, but in the field of short-form production. Being trusted with major projects, that you could later use to flex on your fellow interns, represented the culmination of my training and a validation of my creative skills in the entertainment industry. Oh, and of course, none of it would have been possible without mastering the Adobe Creative Suite, through hundreds of CMD + Zs and several How to playlists.

From a wider perspective, the company life is built on the same wholesome, family-friendly vibe you would get from The Office, minus the awkward need of staring past the fourth wall during meetings. Colleagues are true professionals who will show you the ropes, while gracefully making sure you no longer feel as an intern around them. Everyone at Insight TV understands that life is more than the regular 9 to 5 grind and are exceptionally accommodating to your academic responsibilities. However, don’t forget to have some fun once in a while, either at the office parties or during a casual afterhours drink in Amsterdam’s city center. Just make sure you avoid overdoing it by turning things into an adventurous HR matter.

All in all, being part of Insight TV is an experience that will stay with you forever, no matter what. As an aspiring young professional, you won’t find a more welcoming international family eager to support you and take pride in your growth.

Robert Dodu

Robert Dodu

As a Creative Video intern, Robert is in charge of asset creation for Insight TV’s streaming apps, promo production and assisting senior team members in developing creative campaigns.