Millennials are changing viewing habits and production values, and have a major influence over television genres that non-traditional content creators – like Insight TV – are making. They care less about material worth and more about life experiences, and they respect the social influencers that they watch online in the same way that older generations looked up to actors and musicians. They want to travel the world, experience life, document their travels on Snapchat and Instagram and perhaps pick up several thousand followers along the way. Research that we’ve conducted has shown that this demographic is much more willing to dictate what they watch, where and when. They want authentic content that relates to their lifestyles, friendships, aspirations and experiences and they want it available online and on TV 24/7.

Our production philosophy, and also our partnerships with brands like Monster Energy, has allowed us to explore this further, creating authentic content based on inspirational characters, highlighting topical issues and experiences that are important to younger generations globally. Apart from featuring high profile must-watch super talents, we make shows based on sports, lifestyle and ecological topics that focus on the individuals behind the theme at a grass roots level. We tell their stories, documenting the sacrifices they have made and the journey they’ve travelled to achieve their dreams.

As well as creating compelling content for different platforms, quality and delivery are important considerations when targeting this demographic globally. We know that millennials watch the majority of their content on YouTube, but they also appreciate the stunning visual imagery that UHD and HDR deliver. The interesting juxtaposition is that this generation is buying bigger and bigger TVs with UHD and HDR technology, but they have no problem watching poor quality videos on their mobile phone. At Insight TV, we create all our content in UHD HDR and we’re very hot on ensuring that we maintain high standards and give viewers an amazing experience both editorially and visually.

To ensure that millennials around the world can access our content using simple-to-navigate app-based technology, we’re partnering with consumer electronics companies such as TCL, Samsung and LG Electronics. Our channel is also available in HD on the Amazon Channel SVOD and linear TV service in the UK and Germany and in UHD and HD on many other platforms around the world.

We know how important it is for us to provide authentic compelling content to differentiate ourselves and we’ll continue to develop our brand to ensure that millennials in every country can access the exciting unique content that we create.

Arun Maljaars

Arun Maljaars

Arun is responsible for all Insight TV channels, the content that goes on them and the direction of original content. Arun joined Insight TV in Amsterdam, Netherlands when the company started in 2015. Arun is an experienced media professional and has held positions in renowned companies All3Media and Zodiak-Banijay.