Insight TV has just about recovered from two mega events in Germany. I’d like to let the pictures speak for themselves, but given I am on the marketing team, part of my duty is to write a blog post about it surely? 

Germany is a key market for us. We have many partners there (M7, Deustche Telekom and Sky Germany among others). We are upping our marketing efforts in the region (no small feat given Germany is so large), thus it was decided we’d host the House of Insight TV in both Cologne and Berlin to raise a glass to our current partners, celebrate our new partners (Sky Germany) and shout about Insight TV to German press, influencers and consumers. 

I’d like to think I’m a seasoned events professional given my many years in the Marcomms industry, that said nerves, stress and chaos still ensued in the three months preceding the event. My mantra: Organization, attention to detail and more organization – key words when prepping for these kinds of things. And remember time flies when it comes to events. 

Time did fly here, and before we knew it, the events were upon us and we boarded the train to Cologne (a dismal train journey in 30-degree heat, but the less said about that the better). 

We started the festivities in Cologne with the unveiling of THE Batman car that Ben Affleck drove in Justice League. I’m not a car buff (sorry to my father who has tried very hard to make me one), but even I could appreciate the beauty of this car. A Mercedes concept car, that was originally based on a virtual idea in Gran Turismo, DC Comics were so enamoured by the car, they asked Mercedes designers to develop the real thing, with interiors, lighting, seating and a computerized dashboard to be sat in and used by Bruce Wayne. It was pretty impressive and caused the desired stir amongst German consumers. 

The reason behind the unveiling? We had Alex Hirschi, AKA Supercar Blondie with us in Germany to promote her new Insight TV show : Car Crews with Supercar Blondie. Launching on August 22nd across all Insight TV channels, Alex spent her time in Germany being interviewed by the likes of The Sun, The Metro, The Daily Mirror, RTL GRIP, Berlinger Zeitung and many more. And all done under Germany’s 34-degree heat – who would have thought June in Germany could be so hot? Fact for anyone else wanting to unveil the Batman car – said car is not allowed to be rained on or to be in the sun for more than 30 minutes. Cue LOGISTICS NIGHTMARE. 

Now, onto the main events …

Cologne’s House of Insight TV was hosted in Bauwerk – a stunning, tech-forward space on the outskirts of the city. We worked closely with our events partner to create an experiential journey for our guests, with five themed rooms. Guests were invited to embark on a journey through these rooms to unleash their inner street artist, learn karate kid moves, experience the adrenaline of motor racing, taste test unique dishes and dance to internationally renowned DJ’s. Guests were given a road booklet in which they had to collect stamps from each experience to access the final room: The Abandoned Bar, paying homage to our upcoming show Epic Exploring. 

We invited a number of the stars from our shows to host these rooms and meet with our guests including Dean Edwards (Travel with a Goat), Carly Foxx (City Beats), Chaz London Police (Street Art Challenge), Alex Hirschi (Car Crews with Supercar Blondie), Magical Bones (Around the World in 80 Tricks) and Jndia Erbacher (Jndia, The Fast Life).  We also had a giant adult ball pit – not directly related to a show but featuring branded balls for guests to find. This was a big hit, and I’d highly recommend throwing a ball pit into the mix at your next party! 

We had a great turn out from our B2B partners, and it was great to see our guests really immersing themselves in each experience, getting stuck in with the talent and asking all the right questions about Insight TV. 

Berlin’s House of Insight TV followed the same thread but was very different in style. The event took place in Fabrik 23, an incredible warehouse space tucked away in a typical Berlin courtyard. With beautiful flea market pieces and industrial relics, it’s no surprise that this venue has been voted one of the best spaces in the world by Architectural Digest. 

Our key guests at this event included press and influencers – I’m very pleased to share we got 60+ – a great press turn out! The rooms were the same as Cologne, but guests had to journey through the warehouse, up and down different staircases and hidden rooms before joining the party and DJ’s. Then cocktails flowed and all guests danced the night away to Carly Foxx’s house vibes. 

We all arrived back to Amsterdam exhausted but happy with the results, with the knowledge that we made a splash in the German market. Watch this space as we share interview coverage from the events over the coming weeks! And in the meantime, check out the after movie and photos.

Poppy Mason Watts

Poppy Mason Watts

With nearly 10 years’ experience in PR and Marketing across Asia and Europe, Poppy looks after the global PR, events and affiliate marketing at Insight TV.